Let's Talk Event

About Let's Talk Seminar

Sometimes love is not enough to maintain healthy relationships. It is how we express the love that matters most.

Too often, relationship obstacles are a direct result of miscommunication or no communication at all.

Through this seminar you better understand both your and your partner’s communication style. Don’t let the love be silenced through poor communication.

There will be free giveaways and prizes as well for those in attendance.

What you will learn

On this seminar you will learn everything about communication to your relationship with your partner.

Join us and improve your relationship learning how to express yourself and to improve your listening skills.

  • Learn how to discuss emotional topics in effective ways
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understanding your partner’s opinion and views better
  • Clearly expressing your needs and views
  • Increase collaborative problem solving
  • How to improve your listening skills.
  • Communication personality assessments.
  • You’ll also have free give aways.
  • We’ll show you communication exercises.
  • The love languages and attachment styles.

Keynote speakers

Dr. Brian Legg

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Over 13 years of marriage and couples therapy experience. Formal training in communication and interpersonal relationships.

    Rachel Russo

    Marriage & Family Therapist with fifteen years experience helping people with relationships. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master's in Marriage & Family Therapy.

    Special Communications Expert Presenter


      Problem Solving
      Improving Listening
      Communication Personality Assessment
      Fair Fighting
      Talking About Difficult Topics
      Love Languages
      Attachment Styles

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      There will be free giveaways and prizes as well for those in attendance.

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      • Renaissance Hotel. Rutherford, NJ
      • drbrianlegg@gmail.com
      • (201) 606-2592
      • 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM